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Updating Registrant Information

Changes to the registrant information contained in the CIRA database
must be submitted by the registrar.
Please review your existing information using CIRA's Whois
(Enter your domain name in the search field on their site.)

Changes other than the Name Servers

Some modifications, such as those to the Admin contact and Admin email address will require the use of the id and password provided to you by CIRA. After the changes have been submitted, you will be notified by an email from CIRA. Click on the link contained in the email and approve the changes.

Please email your required changes to: Domain Support

Name Server Updates (DNS)
* When changing the Host name, be sure to either update the IP address or delete the existing IP address if one is currently listed.

* IP addresses are optional only when the name server is not the same as the domain name. For example:
Domain name =
DNS Host name =
In this case the ip address is mandatory.

* CIRA uploads to the root servers every hours therefore your changes are not functional until the upload has occurred.
(cached copies of static files can take several hours to propogate/update)

DNS Update Form
Domain Name
Admin email address

Admin email address must match the address in the CIRA registration.

Host Names (Host names are mandatory)
IP Addresses (optional)

Most users only have 2 Name Servers. You may ignore these if not used.

A Confirmation will be sent to the Admin mailbox of the Domain Name.

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