Donate using an
Interac Email Money Transfer

For individuals who do Online Internet Banking you may be able to make your donation using an
"Interac Email Money Transfer" directly from your personal bank account.

Steps to sending an "Email Money Transfer"

1. Open a new browser window and log into your bank account.
2. Locate a link similar to "Interac Email Money Transfer" and fill in the the form(s) using the following:

Recipient Name: ITI Internetworking Technologies
Recipient Email Address: InteracCanadianDomainRegistryCa
Recipient Language:  English
Amount (CAD):  Enter the donation amount.
Memo to Recipient:  Anything you like..
Create a Security Question: e.g.. Installer for
Create a "Security Response" password/phrase:    Make up a password or phrase.*

3. Return to the Donation form and select "Interact Email" for the "Payment Method".
4. Enter the password/phrase* into the Secuity Response/Credit Card field in the payment section.
5. Submit the form.

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